Making it simple to send dynamic email templates
triggered by Stripe events.

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About EmailHooks

Dynamic email templates for Stripe events.



Summary of Events

Stay in tune with what's going on with your Stripe payments, see all events as they happen and the associated data that comes with them.

Email Templates

We all know how important it is to brand your customer facing content. With our platform, you can create stunning HTML or text based emails.

Completely Automated

We weren't kidding when we said hassle-free. Have peace of mind knowing that we are taking care of handling customer emails behind the scenes.

Pre-Dunning Emails

Stay ahead of the curve, by sending your customers notices before their credit card expires. Keep your customers active by being proactive with automatic notification emails.

Dunning Emails

Keep your customers paying and active for your product or service. Create templates to automatically notify your customers when payments fail or their account is past due.

Template Attachments

Need to deliver files with your emails, you can attach files that will automatically be sent when an event is triggered.


Supported Events

Charge Succeeded

Send out notifications when you successfully charge a customer.

Charge Failed

Let a customer know when a charge has failed.

Charge Refunded

For those situations when you have to issue a refund, automatically kick out an email confirmation.

Subscription Created

Send an email, when a customer subscribes to a plan within your Stripe account.

Subscription Updated

Send an email anytime there is an update to a customers subscription.

Subscription Deleted

Let a customer know that their subscription has been deactivated.

Trial Will End

Have customers using a plan with a free trial? Let customers know that their free trial is about to expire soon.

Invoice Payment Success

Send your customers emails when ever their subscription payment has successfully been charged.

Invoice Payment Failed

Let a customer know that their subscription payment has failed and that they should update their information.



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  • Advanced
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  • 1000 Active Live Customers
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  • Mighty
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  • 3500 Active Live Customers
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